Great Results for Archery at the State Championship

On Wednesday, March 28,  our team traveled down to Sumter for the State Championship and we were able to close the gap over the home schools a little more but we still could not close it all the way. Our team had a great day though as we took home 3rd place in the state for the second year in a row. And once again we were the top public school archery team in the state. This time we set another school record with our score at state with a 3346 but still fell 22 points short of the title.

Our team was lead once again by Hannah Arnold with a 289 and Jerrith Baggott who had a 284. We were also able to bring home a total of $8000 in scholarship winnings as well. Hannah Arnold was the top female scorer for seniors and so she won $3000 for her efforts. Chandler Klotz finished in 3rd overall for senior ladies with a 287 in Bullseye and 3rd in IBO with a 273 which was worth $1500 each so she also took home $3000 in one day as well. Two other seniors, Ashton Simmons and Chad Leaphart were also lucky winners of $1000 each through DNR giveaways.

The team also competed in the 3D/IBO championship also and we finished 5th in the state in that event. Again this type of shooting was not a primary focus for us this year but we still did well. This team was led by Georgia Roberts with a 277 and Jerrith Baggott had a 273.  fine archers if you see them.


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