WKHS Archery recognized on Daughtrey’s #howlaboutit

WKHS Timberwolf Archers were recognized for the exceptional scores at the Timberwolf Challenge on Daughtrey’s #Howlaboutit on the Wolfview.  Hannah Arnold was top female and first place with a score of 288.  Chandler Klotz was second place with a score of 287.  Jaime Phillips was first place in the male division with a score of 283.   Fourth place was awarded to Danielle Jennings.

Since then, our Timberwolf Archers brought home another win with our team leading the way by Hannah Arnold again with the top female score overall with a 288. Lexi Barnes was third overall with a 281 and if not for a scoring error that was not our fault, the WK ladies would have taken all three top medals for scores as Chandler Klotz actually had a 283 but was credited with a 268. Jaime Phillips again lead the guys with a 282.

State Championships will be held on Thursday, March 30  in Sumter!

Left to right: Danielle Jennings, Principal Daughtrey,  Hannah Arnold, Jaime Phillips and Chandler Klotz.

WKHS Congratulates the Center for Public Health and Advanced Medical Studies HOSA

Congratulations to the Center for Public Health And Advanced Medical Students HOSA who had AWESOME results at this year’s SC HOSA Competition.  The results were Jenny Nankoua Yongue (1st place-Medical Innovations), Caitlin Murray (1st place-Medical Innovations), Allison Brigan (2nd place- Creative Problem Solving), Alexis Elledge (2nd place – Creative Problem Solving), Taylor Jones (2nd place – Creative Problem Solving), Karla Luevano (2nd place – Creative Problem Solving), Joseph Baierl (3rd place – Forensic Science), Xeerak Muhammad (3rd place – Forensic Science), Jesus Perez (3rd place – Dental Terminology), Trey Enright (3rd place- Medical Innovations), Amanda Zdunczyk (3rd place – Medical Innovations), Ryan Zuba (3rd place – Medical Innovations), Brooke Decker (3rd place, Public Service Announcement), Abbey Huff (3rd place, Public Service Announcement), Lindsey Sapp (3rd place, Public Service Announcement).  Congratulations again to all!