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WKHS Student Body Constitution

The Student Government Association of White Knoll High School is the flagship organization that directly represents the students of White Knoll High School to the administration and district level personnel.  Our organization’s mission is to give each student of White Knoll High School an opportunity to render service to the school by participating in various school and community service, by building school spirit and loyalty, and encouraging high morals and standards among its members. We develop the ability to work as part of a group in achieving common goals and function as leaders by setting the example, with proper attitude and behavior in the classroom and the community.  Develop self-discipline and self-confidence.

Our organization is award winning, bringing recognition and fame for our service to White Knoll High School.   Among these include a 2004 Bronze Council award and a 2013,2014,2015 and 2016 Gold Honor Council Award.   In 2014 our Mr. Timberwolf pageant won the best Recreational Project in the State of South Carolina.   In 2016, our Veterans Day Museum exhibit won the runner up to best Recognition Project, and our White Knoll’s Got Talent Competition won the best Recreation Project in the State of South Carolina.   In addition, we have had five members who have been inducted into the Terry McCoy Hall of Fame, and three members inducted into the James F. Byrnes Society of Student Leaders.

On January 1, 2017, our organization became a founding charter member of the Student Council Coalition, known simply as the SCC.   In our time in the SCC, the Student Government won the 2018 best Recognition Project for our Veterans Day events, the 2018 best School Spirit Project for our Pep Rallies, the 2019 best Leadership Project for our Anti-Bullying Campaign, an event recognized by the First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump.   In 2017-2018 our Student Government was named the Student Council Coalition Student Government of the Year.

We look forward to serving the students of White Knoll High School and the Lexington community in an even greater capacity through this organization.

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