Driving & Parking Privileges



  1. All Lexington One students must complete Alive @ 25 to be eligible for a school parking permit. (See bottom of this page for more information about Alive @ 25)
  2. Students may purchase parking permits from the student services office at a cost of $25.  Students will park in parking spaces on a first-come, first-served basis.  Seniors will have designated parking area.
  3. All vehicles should be locked with no valuables left inside.  The school assumes no responsibility for a vehicle and its contents.
  4. Vehicles are not to be operated on campus in any unsafe manner or at speeds in excess of 15 m.p.h.
  5. Any theft or damage should be reported immediately to the office and to the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department.
  6. The parking lot is off limits during the school day.  This includes class changes and lunch.  If an emergency arises, a student needs to get permission from an administrator before going to the parking lot.
  7. Students are to park cars and come inside the building.  There is to be no loitering in the car or parking lot in the morning or afternoon.
  8. You may not leave the student parking lot before the end of the school day without signing out or showing an early dismissal permit.
  9. Students may not park their cars at an angle taking up more than one parking space.
  10. No students may park in the teacher’s parking lot.
  11. No student may register a car and then give his/her parking permit to another student.
  12. A student must present his/her South Carolina driver’s license when purchasing a parking permit. The parent/guardian must sign the parking permit application. .
  13. Student operated vehicles are not to be located on campus without a current parking decal properly displayed on the vehicle.  This decal must be placed on the rear view mirror. Replacement decals will be full cost.
  14. The first five single rows of parking spaces are reserved for Seniors Only.  Any space outlined in yellow is for coaches and staff.
  15. Parking in the Honors parking area is off limits except with a displayed Honors parking decal.

Any student found to be in violation of parking lot regulations will be subjected to

1st offense- warning

2nd offense- After school detention and/or temporary suspension from parking on campus

3rd offense- After school detention and/or temporary suspension from parking on campus

4th offense- suspension from parking at WKHS for remainder of school year

Travel to and from other campuses

Shuttle transportation is provided for students traveling to and from other campuses within Lexington 1.  Should a student choose to drive to a class on another campus, he/she must fill out a travel permit form and have the parent/guardian sign for permission.  The student will be given a travel permit that should be displayed on the rear view mirror at all times.  There is no charge for a travel permit; however the other school may require students to purchase a parking permit.

Students may NOT transport other students while commuting to and from LTC or any other Lexington 1 campus.  The following disciplinary action will take place if students violate this rule:

1st offense – warning

2nd offense – commuting privileges suspended for 2 weeks

3rd offense – commuting privileges suspended for remainder of the semester

If any violations are received from law enforcement while driving to or from another Lexington District One school, Midlands Technical College, USC, or an internship, driving privileges for that travel will be subjected to suspension for the remainder of the semester.  This will be strictly enforced.

****Serious behavior problems will result in possible suspension/expulsion from parking lot and/or school.***

Register for Alive at 25 Classes at www.scaliveat25.org

Parents/Students may register online or by phone.  Payments may be made online or by phone; otherwise money orders may be mailed to the SCNSC office.  Payment must be received prior to the class date.

Alive at 25 is offered through the SC National Safety Council.  It is an early intervention program that helps prevent traffic violations, collisions and fatalities.  All Lexington District One students are required to take this course in order to purchase a parking pass.

Contact the SC National Safety Council at 803-732-6778  for further information.

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